Fleet Accounts


Additional Benefits

At GO Car Wash, we’re passionate about clean vehicles and happy employees. Our Fleet Accounts program meets your needs, offering a host of benefits:


  • Impeccable Clean: A spotless fleet speaks volumes about your attention to detail. Our industrial-strength vacuums and premium microfiber towels ensure that every vehicle shines.
  • Brand Image Enhancement: Your brand stands out when your fleet looks its best. Whether it’s a delivery van or an executive car, we elevate your image through cleanliness.
  • Employee Morale Boost: Happy employees drive better results. Let us handle the cleaning while your team focuses on their core tasks.
  • Convenient Locations: With multiple sites across town, you’re never far from a GO Car Wash. Wash your vehicles wherever you are!
  • Bulk Pricing Advantage: Our competitive pricing ensures cost-effective fleet maintenance without compromising quality.

Our Fleet Program delivers value through bulk pricing.

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